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Anonymous sent: Hi! :) Do you have a copy of Mobster for Rent? I am a new Appler and I heard MFR is one of the best fanfics about Daragon. Thank you! :)

yes i do! please send me your email so i can email the pdf to you :)


hi! i’m really sorry for being inactive. and for answering all of your questions late. i wasnt able to open my tumblr for a long time because i kinda forgot my password lol but yeah. really im so sorry /bows/ but its okay now hehe

Anonymous sent: do you have a pdf copy of mobster for rent?? if you do have,can I have a copy?? I can't afford the book because it is too expensive. thank you in advance.

hi i do pls send me ur email

Anonymous sent: Hi there my co-appler, can you please send me the copy of red room. I really want to have that pdf copy of the story since i've received lots of good feedback. thank you so much!

hi!! please send me your email~

izzysparksfly sent: This blog is awesooooome! I love them both. They are so perfect together. *fangirls... ♥♥♥♥♥

thank you!! <3

Anonymous sent: hi! If you don't mind can u pass me the PDF file of Mobster for rent and red room ff? Thank you so much 💘

please give me your email haha

Anonymous sent: Do you have pdf of WTTU?

I dont :( ill try to find

Anonymous sent: Do i write my email when i ask for pdf's of dg stories?

Hi. omg i just read this??? was this sent a long time ago?? lol but yeah