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I feel really bad for not opening tumblr for like months now. :( I’m really sorry for not updating this blog and for not checking the messages T^T I promise to check it daily from now on! For those asking PDF copies, please do tell me what story you like (tho i have limited stories here) and send me your email T^T I feel really bad replying to your messages late. orz 

Anonymous sent: Uhhh i have PDF for Broken Law if u are still searching for it! I'm the one asking for Red Room in the previous ask XD

Hi!!! please do send me broken law if its okay~ thank you :)

Anonymous sent: Hello! Can I have the pdf for Flowers from Heaven and Red Room? Please? T_T Thank you so much!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


Anonymous sent: Skydragon kissed in that video. accept it butthurt applers, you spazzed because GD held dara in the head but CL kissed him. Aw, very sad indeed. :)

lol im very happy for you then… im not really the ‘rude’ kind of shipper who just suddenly goes into another’s ship dedicated blog acc to say something like this ^^ if youre like really happy about it then spazz about it in your own acc dont come in a ‘daragon’ blog to send something like this. and this is why shipwar happens c: 

Anonymous sent: what do you think about cl kissing gd in aomg?

uhm, idk? well i’m just wondering why she would suddenly ‘kiss’ him tho. like thats so out of nowhere.. i mean she looked like she was gonna whisper but then she pouted her lips and it looked like she kissed him.. lol, some applers said she was just whispering but i cant really deny the fact that it looked like a kiss.. i’m just wondering WHY lol 

please dont waver my dear apples~ keep the faith. fighting! spread the daragon love~

meteormay sent: Sorry to bother you but if you see my message can you please send me flower from heaven and locked with you pdf? I want to read it so bad thank you so much!

hi pls do send me your email so i can send it ^^

minzywow sent: Did you see Dara's hickeys?

Hi! Omg, is this from her birthday pics or another hickey? c:

Anonymous sent: Are you @masterseungri?

no haha ^^ i’m @jiyongchiiii 

the other admin is @jigiyah